Rebellion Is Justified!: South Asia Revolutionary Compact Zone (RCZ) Is Reality

Monday, April 17

South Asia Revolutionary Compact Zone (RCZ) Is Reality

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has provided the basic impetus for the resurgence of communism throught south Asia. At this time, the Nepalese revolutionaries control most of the countryside of that country, including many villages. The Nepal People's Liberation Army is able to seize control of medium-size towns at will, and has constructed a whole new state, with schools, hospitals, people's courts, and so on.

The Nepalese party coordinated with other Maoist parties and organizations in the region to form the Coordinating Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA). The group has met several times and articulated the compact revolutionary zone as a multi-national red zone that would extend southward from Nepal into India along with feudal eastern regions and extend into Sri Lanka off the coast, as well as potentially Bhutan and Bangladesh.

This is an exciting development. While the Nepalese party has stressed national rights for oppressed nations by creating special autonomous regions, it also has a grand conception for a Soviet federation of south Asia, uniting the revolutionary struggles of several nations on a voluntary basis.

The armed struggle in India is strengthening by leaps and bounds. The Indian elite is clearly worried that several of its states are slipping out of control as the first liberated areas are being consolidated in the southeast. This political basis for these gains was created through the formation of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in 2004, as the result of a merger of forces. Bhutanese revolutionaries have formed their own Communist Party, and the Maoists of Nepal have won over many Bhutanese refugees in camps in Nepal currently. The compact revolutionary zone is a material reality in the form of base areas and guerrilla zones, but it is also a political reality in the sense that the unity and organization of the regions communists is becoming a fact.


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