Rebellion Is Justified!: Trotskyism Is a Reactionary Ideology in the Service of Imperialism

Monday, April 17

Trotskyism Is a Reactionary Ideology in the Service of Imperialism

Perhaps the most widely-read source exposing the Trotskyite feature of various neo-conservatives and their worldview is the website which is, to my knowledge, run by rightists opposed to the neo-conservative project. Justin Raimondo (sp?) in particular has exposed these Trotskyite characteristics. Interestingly, his defense of national sovereignty puts him in the company of those sections of the left that stand opposed to imperialist aggression.

In the 1930s, the Trotskyites congealed into a fifth column within the political left, standing in resolute opposition to communism and revolution, both of the proletarian-socialist and national-democratic types. Instead, Trotskyites constantly sought to disorient and divert the mass struggles with the deceitful tactic of the so-called transitional demand, whereby Trotskyites deliberately seek to destroy any political work not in the service of their useless agenda.

Bourgeois individualism runs deep in Trotskyism. They abhor the Leninist principle of democratic centralism applied by the party of the working class. Trotsky and his followers provided the most useful ammunition for the imperialist drive against Marxism and communism. George Orwell, fellow traveler of Trotskyites, wrote Animal Farm and 1984 in order to pump up the bourgeois theory of so-called totalitarianism, and to slander Lenin, Stalin and the Soviet Union, and to equate communists with fascists and Nazis.

The kernel of liberalism and extreme anti-communist in Trotskyism was bound to lead to the stripping away of its socialist veneer in order to more fully be of service to the imperialist bourgeoisie. The rightist group Social Democrats USA is directly descended from Trotskys closest disciples. It moved from pseudo-socialist liberalism, to Cold War liberalism in support of the anti-Vietnam war of aggression, to neo-conservatism in support of big reactionaries like Ronald Reagan. Jean Kirkpatrick, Reagans UN ambassador, was one member of this group.

Now, the neo-conservative cabal promotes the conception of so-called global democratic revolution, in which the U.S. will allegedly lead the way through various pre-emptive wars, subversion, and all available forms of aggression to an order based on Western-style government and neo-liberal economic systems. The aim, of course, is for the consolidation of a unipolar world order in which there are no impediments to political control and market control by U.S. imperialism.

Trotskyism and neo-conservatism are close ideological cousins. The outer shell is different but the content is the same. They view bourgeois democracy as the highest pinnacle of human achievement. They are resolutely opposed to national liberation, socialism and revolution.


At April 21, 2006, Blogger Renegade Eye said...

I'm sure you are well meaning, but woefully wrong.

The Schachtmanites who had the position that USSR was state capitalist, a position similar to yours, are supposedly linked to today's neocon movement.

Trotsky himself expelled them, from his movement.

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